spaceout fees

This page provides an overview of the fees and costs associated with membership and listings on SpaceOut.

SpaceOut Membership - FREE

Anyone can search for spaces on SpaceOut for FREE. You will need to register as a member in order to get in touch with SpaceOwners or SpaceSeekers, but this is also FREE.

Space for Rent Listing Fees

    We offer a number of options for creating Space for Rent listings as outlined below :

  • This Listing option is FREE for 2 months and then $6.00  each subsequent month.  You can include up to 3 photos with this listing, and it  will remain active until you cancel the subscription (which you can do at ANY time).
  • This listing is intended for Commercial Operators (such as Self Storage Facilities or Serviced Offices). This listing type is currently FREE for 2 months and $11.00  each subsequent month and will remain active until the subscription is cancelled.   A Business Logo and up to 10 other photos can be included.  Email us when you have activated the listing and will also add a link back to your website.

Space Wanted Listing Fees

  • Your Wanted Listing is FREE and will be valid for 3 months.

Special Offers and Promotions

From time we may also offer special promotions or bonuses which can be redeemed by entering a valid discount code on the relevant space listing page.







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